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Born in 1983 in Berkeley, California.

He grew up in the Sonoma county wine country , Healdsburg , where he continues to make his home today.

Born into a family of artists with his father and his father’s father as painters...

He knew from an early age that he would represent a third generation,

expressing himself through the mediums of oil paint and clay and occasionally glass. 


A strong believer in observing nature, his painting and sculptures are created reflecting the act of observing life itself. His inspiration relies on the recollection of interactions and experiences of the natural beauty ( Physical & Intellectual) that surrounds him. His work is directly derived from "the closest living relative of the natural world... Ones own memory".

"An honest painter will paint what they know and what they are able to observe from that which surrounds them…From one’s honest recollection of their position in that time and place."

A3L3XZAND3R resides in Healdsburg, California where he is surrounded by stunning vistas. The landscapes are familiar to him, and the natural beauty around him serves as constant inspiration.


A3L3XZAND3R’s work is widely collected and his work is included in numerous notable permanent classical and contemporary, private, public  and corporate  collections throughout the world. He is held in corporate collections and displayed publicly in such places as Hyatt Regency Hotel Group, Sutter Health Group,  and Kawasaki to name a few. Some of the private collections hold historically important artist such as Homer, Rembrandt, Kandinsky, Repin, Fetchin, Zorn, Picasso,  and Matisse to name a few amongst  many other note worthy artist.

He attended the Florence Academy Of Art (Florence, Italy) for 4 years, splitting his participation in the academy between the Drawing/Painting Program and the Sculpture Program. He also sojourned to St. Petersburg, Russia where he attended The Repin Academy (also know as the Russian Academy Of Art).

His Academic training required a rigorous approach that includes careful study of the masters, as well as drawing, painting, and sculpting the human figure with emphasis being placed upon 19th and 20th French atelier classical technique.


The range of his work can be classified from Modern abstract to figurative realism. He Works in the mediums of Oil Paint, pencil, charcoal and water color for his drawing and painting work; and works in wet clay for his bronze works.


He keeps his represented work close to him and currently only allows representation In his own gallery The Harris Gallery  where there is only his and his fathers work displayed, and on occasion select shows. 

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